Policy Information

Tuition reserves your exclusive lesson time; it is payment for your course of music education at your reserved time. For this reason tuition is non-refundable. What you do with your reserved time is up to you.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is payment for weekly 30-minute lessons and is due by term or on a monthly basis at the first lesson of each month. You will be given an invoice at the last lesson of each month for the following month's lessons. There are no refunds once the month begins.

If for some reason you don't make it to the first scheduled lesson of the month you may mail your full month's payment to my home by the 10th of the month. A $10 late fee is charged if payment is received after the 10th.


You are responsible for paying for the cost of music and any supplementary materials (such as flash cards, metronomes, assignment books, etc.). This cost is in addition to the tuition fee. When music and/or materials are purchased, I will provide you with an itemized list of said music and materials and their cost, including sales tax, on your next monthly invoice. Payment for music and supplementary materials is due along with your next scheduled monthly payment for lessons.

Cancellations/Make-Up Lessons

Lessons cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time may be rescheduled subject to availability on the make-up calendar. A maximum of 2 make-up lessons are allowed per term with no carryover to the next term. Once the make-up calendar is full, no more make-ups will be given.

Make-up lessons will not be rescheduled if cancelled. Make-up lessons are not available for last minute changes (less than 24 hours' notice) such as didn't practice, heavy homework, orthodontic appointments, rescheduled soccer games, etc. In the case of student's illness or a family emergency, the lesson may be made up at the teacher's discretion.

If for any reason I must cancel a lesson, I will work with you to make up your child's lesson.

If you opt to stop taking lessons for over a month, for any reason, there is no guarantee of a spot if you decide to resume lessons. If you wish for me to hold your spot, you can continue to pay the monthly tuition fee until you're ready to resume lessons.

Lesson Termination

Piano lesson commitment is for an entire term. If lessons are terminated before the end of the term, payment is still due for the rest of the term.

Repeated cancellations, refusal to pay the full amount due, withholding payment for any reason, irregular attendance, and repeated inadequate preparation constitute reasons for termination by the teacher.

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All private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis. The instructor conducts lessons weekly at a set time for 30 minutes. Your registration reserves your time slot for the duration of the term. Go to the Contacts Page to find out about available times.

Famous Composer:

Karl L. King
BORN: February 21, 1891
American composer of band music.

NOTABLE WORKS: March "Barnum & Bailey's Favorite". His music inspired the musical "The Music Man".